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Time for the Tumblrpon community to come together again to help one of their own in need!

ALOS, aka Sasha, is the mod of Pegasus Lola (and a few other lesser-known blogs). Whether you’re a follower or not, you’ve probably seen Lola flittering around the Tumblrverse, since ALOS is an extremely active and interactive member of the community. She promotes new blogs, maintains a unique and interesting universe, sends questions flying all over the dang place, and does a ton of super-fun livestreams!

However, there’s a bit of an issue. You see, until recently, she was studying in England, living with a friend. She moved back home to Latvia for various reasons, however she had to borrow the money to do this. On top of this, she’s had health problems her whole life. Digestive issues, nervous issues, and others that make it quite hard for her to go about day-to-day life without malaise of some kind. Thankfully, her problems are treatable through yoga therapy and medicine, but again this requires funds.

Hence, the purpose of this fundraiser! All of these super-generous artists, musicians and voice actors have agreed to offer commissions to benefit Sasha, many of which I’m sure you’ll recognize in the collages. Overall, we hope to raise $1000 to help ALOS pay off her travel debts, as well as fund a years worth of medicine and therapy. And, if we somehow manage to raise even more than that, she might be able to come to Bronycon next year (with proper paperwork) to sell her wares! Spend money to make money, as they say.

How you can help: By clicking this link or this link, you can access spreadsheets that give the details as to what sorts of things you can commission in order to help Sasha. The first is sorted by Artist, and the second is sorted by Money. That way, if you’re only interested in getting something from a particular artist, you can look at the Artist spreadsheet, but if you have a set budget and want to see what you can get from who, you can use the Money spreadsheet. To navigate them, you can either use the links within or the sheet navigator on the bottom. Once you’ve decided what you want, please email Fisherpon at with the commission information. Which artist you want to commission from, what you want to commission, and any necessary references.

That will start the process of this drive, which follows the same system set up for the TJ Drive late last year. Therefore, in the explanation, replace all mentions of TJ with ALOS.

If you want to ask questions regarding the drive, feel free to send me messages about it. You can also send your Skype address via this method if you want, which will be answered privately. All publicly answered questions about the drive will be tagged #alos-drive. As you may notice, this drive has no specific end date. This drive will go on as long as there are artists willing to donate their work for it. Hence, you should get your commission as soon as possible, in case the artist you want it from drops out before you go for it. Some artists are only offering a few commission slots!

If you are an artist and want to participate, everyone and anyone’s welcome to join! Just use the same contact methods as above to get ahold of me and let me know. I’ll need the name you want to be identified as, any drawblogs/tumblrs/DAs/FAs you have, the types of things you want to offer, the prices you want to offer those things at, and examples.

I know $1000 is a lofty goal, but when it comes to things like health every little bit helps. I’m very grateful to not only the artists, who are offering their time and talents to help someone that I know a lot of them have never even met, but also to every single one of you who purchases commissions through this event. It’ll go towards helping a really fun person take care of herself so she can remain active in the community, and without your help those smiles wouldn’t be possible.

Thank you all so, so much. Pokes after the break.

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Roseluck has a good sniffling!

(reblog cause it’s Roseluck and therefore relevant. Roseluck is always relevant here.)


Roseluck has a good sniffling!

(reblog cause it’s Roseluck and therefore relevant. Roseluck is always relevant here.)

Blacklin: The New Apprentice

    Blacklin had been unsure what Scootaloo’s reaction would be when she found out that both her mother and Cheerilee were okay with allowing her to work with him. He was even more unsure about how she’d take the news that she’d be forced to keep her grades up.

    That was something he was worried about. He didn’t doubt that she would try her best, but he did doubt that she would be able to keep it up without being distracted by something. Of course, it never does well to have doubt about your, well apprentice in this case.

    The gryphon takes a breath and waits, sitting just outside of his place. He had told Scootaloo to stop after school and was now expecting her to come by, most likely with Apple Bloom in tow. Since Sweetie Belle had gotten her cutiemark, the other two Crusaders had been redoubling their efforts.

    One thing he’d noticed about their new efforts was a more organized attempt. No longer were they doing whatever random activity came to mind. Now it was seeming as if they were finally really looking at themselves and focusing more on what their skill set looked to be.

    He is about to go back inside when floating orb opens up into a window and he’s greeted by the familiar sight of Cloud Twister. It takes all his willpower to not roll his eyes and groan at her appearance. The vain hope that perhaps this time it wouldn’t be some attempt to half heartedly apologize for some past transgression or worse, make a whole new screw up that he’d have to clean up after.


    Blacklin blinks a few times at the open window and tilts his head to the side. The question was an odd one and not one he’d thought about before. He sits back on his haunches and idly scratches his neck in thought.

    “Not sure what you mean by ‘devices’ there, Twister,” he says. “You mean like my computer or the orb I got from Twilight? Not exactly sure what you mean by paying attention to either. When I hear about someone, it tends to be random.”

    He gives a light shrug, knowing that his reply may not be what the pegasus wanted to hear.

    “Maybe you should be a bit more clear in what you’re asking or at least not be distracted by your job,” he adds.

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Blacklin’s Journal: Not a Smart Pony


    Well, let me catch people up on  things. It’s been a while since I last did any kind of journal, can’t even remember what this one would be. Probably fifty or so, I number in retrospect and there’s a backlog.

    Probably the biggest question on your minds is what happened with Scootaloo. That’s kind of a complicated process that we are still sorting out. Let me give you the long and short of things.

    Here in Ponyville, once you reach a certain age, you’re allowed a sort of “work release”. This means that you’re allowed to miss a few days of school per week in order to do part-time work.

    Now, I’m not fully up to date on Ponyville history (not for lack of trying, but the one who knows most about it is Granny Smith and I passed out the last time she tried giving me a history lesson) so I don’t know the whole story behind this program. My thought is that it was primarily due to the Apple Family and helping out with big harvests.

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4000 Followers Giveaway!!

So yay, finally im a little less sick so I can prepare this thingy.

So yeah, we are not only celebrating 4000 followers but almost 2 years on tumblr with this blog!

So for this special occasion ill be doing a commission giveaway!

Same rules as ever:

  • Like or Reblog, both counts but doing both gives you more chances!
  • Have to be following the blog!
  • Open inbox when this ends!
  • Do not reblog multiple times, ill be looking at it!

And for the prizes:

First chosen one will get a full colored, inked, 1/2 characters and background pic of whatever its choose (MotherlyScoot Quality). 

Second will get a full colored and inked with 2 character with simple background (Like most art for GamerScoot)

And third will get a full colored, inked, 1 character pic.

Ill draw anything but gore or anything disgusting. I can draw horses, humans, anthro. Nsfw is ok and it can include standard characters or lolis,shotas, foalcon. 

Giveaway Ends on:  September 20. 

If by the date this gets over 500 ill include some other stuffs in there like games or giftcards <3

So again thank you every single one of the 4k+ people who are following me and thank you so much  for this 2 years in tumblr! <3!


Oh also, I think Roseluck should try first to rule out all mundane (normal or somewhat normal) reasons for Blacklin's disappearance (is there ANYTHING that Blacklin would most certainly take along on any kind of trip that is missing?) Then, if she can't find such a reason, attempt to find a motive for why this would happen. I would recommend assuming it to be foul play at this point. Try to figure out which ponies are the most likely suspects, if all else fails attempt to find help outside town


Roseluck: Good grief, foul play? We ruled that out a few hours after we found him missing. Sweetie Belle didn’t help much there though. Running around saying that the griffon mafia had kidnapped him. Is there even such a thing as a griffon mafia? 

Anyways, we’re pretty sure of the reason why he left which is why we’re trying our best to find him. To apologize and then leave him be. Well, some of us anyway.

Blacklin: Why the heck did everyone think something bad had happened to me when I left? The door was locked and everything had been put away! Trust me when I say that just because I don’t like to fight, it doesn’t mean I can’t and won’t if my life’s in danger.

Roseluck: We got about four or five of those messages asking the same thing when we first found you had left. We all wondered the same thing.

Blacklin: For the record, Rose, there is no such thing as a gryphon mafia. 

Soooooooo, you and Roseluck seem pretty close. Just how close are you, hmm? C'mon, you can tell us.


Blacklin: We’re friends! Just friends! Yes, close friends. BUT STILL JUST FRIENDS NO MATTER WHAT BON’S TELLS ANY OF YOU!!!  

I’m going to go lock myself in my room now…

RoseluckBlackie, did you mean any of that or were you just really in denial at the time?

Blacklin: Well, I was really stressed out at the time because everyone kept asking me about us. Yeah, I did think of you really more as just a friend and I was really more or less blinded with Fleetfoot at the time. I’d say it was a pretty big case of tunnel vision.

Moonlight: What would have even happened if things had gone well with that Wonderbolt anyways?

Blacklin: No idea actually…

Roseluck, I've heard that griffons and pegasi tend to have very muscular chest. Ever checked that out? Can you confirm it?


Roseluck: Uh…uhm… well, that is…Maybe? I mean… yes…

Blacklin: Well, that explains all the nuzzling you do against my chest.

Roseluck: Ahhh! Why are we looking at this one? Go to the next one! Go to the next one!

Has anyone ever teased you about being friends with Lyra the way they seem to do with Roseluck?


Blacklin: Thankfully no. However, that may be because they are teasing her and Bons about their own friendship. Which, honestly, I’m still not sure just how close they are. It’s weird, actually. Sometimes they act like a couple, but other times they’re like sisters or best friends.

I guess, that might be how people look at Roseluck and myself. I never thought of it like that before… 

Blacklin: Now that I think about it, it is kind of weird that no one ever teased me about Lyra. I think I’ve done more that would have seemed like we were a thing than I even did with Rose. Things I still do, actually.

Moonlight: Really? Like what?

Roseluck: ::giggles:: Like curl up next to wherever she’s sitting while playing. It’s adorable to see!

Blacklin: ::mumbles something unintelligible ::

Roseluck’s Search: Resolve


    Okay, I’ve taken some time, talked more with Pinkie, talked a bit with Lilly and Daisy (though, I didn’t mention to either of them about what happened between Pinkie and Blacklin, just that I was starting to lose my nerve) and talked to Lyra (who I did tell the truth to) and cleared my head a bit. 

    I was a bit surprised when it was Lilly who spoke up. Well, slapped me in the face first, but still.

    “How could you be so stupid?!” She yelled. “Lost your nerve? How dumb can you be?” She had started to pace as she spoke. “After all this time going around and trying to convince me to lay off him and be nicer, after all that time you wistfully look out and think about him, after all the worry you have gone through after finding he was missing, now you start going around saying ‘why am I even doing this?’ It’s obvious why you’re doing this! Any pony with half a brain can see why you’re doing this you idiot! You’re doing this because you love him, duh! Are you just going to give up without a fight? I thought you at least had a spine!”

    It caught both me and Daisy off guard. We both thought that there’d be some kind of “I told you so” from her, not that. She’s not a pony I would have expected to encourage me. Her words stung a bit, yeah, but they also snapped me out of that haze I’d been in. 

    Pinkie also told me not to give up. She said that the reason it was so hard for her to tell me what happened is because she knew how I felt about Blackie and she didn’t want to really get between us. She also admitted that it was kinda impossible not to even if she hadn’t said anything. I guess she picked up feelings for him too. Or just really liked that night…Or both. Ugh.

    Lyra…  Well, she just kinda shook her head and said I was dumb. She also said that if I wanted to give up, then fine, but that she wasn’t going to. She also pointed out that it wasn’t just me looking for him. All of his friends were for different reasons. Wasn’t quite as harsh as Lilly was, but did give me a verbal slap in the face. 

    They were all right, of course. Feel really silly for not thinking about that. I can’t give up. I’m going to head back to Canterlot in a few days. If anything, just to see if I missed him and Paradise hasn’t been able to contact me yet.

    I’m sorry that I was such a downer before. I’m better now though!



Blacklin: Woah. I didn’t know you had gotten so down like that, Rose. I never expected you to almost give up.

Roseluck: It- it was a low point for me. So many dead ends. I honestly was starting to feel that I’d never see you again. I never did thank Pinkie, Lyra, and Lilly for picking me up.

Blacklin: ::gives Roseluck a hug:: Means a lot to me that you didn’t give up. And good grief, Lilly. She’s the last one I ever would expect to give you a speech like that!

Roseluck: ::laughs:: Yeah, well, I needed it. Things worked out for all of us in the end.